Murphy & Son has worked alongside brewers, cider makers, wine producers and distillers for over 130 years creating new and innovative beverage styles.

Alongside free consultation we have many products that can help with your process.

As a distiller we can help you with mashing, boiling, fermentation and cleaning in place.

We can also help you

Improve the speed of your process
Increase your volumes
Enhance the taste of your final product

For example, in mashing, our AMG is an enzyme that helps to increase the fermentability of your wash.

This product is ideal to use to increase your attenuation. It can be added to the mash conversion vessel or fermenter depending on application.
Another part of the process where Murphy and Son can help is at the boiling stage. Antifoam FD20PK is a silicone based emulsion which has been developed for where a quick knockdown of foam is required.

It can be added to the kettle, still or fermentation vessel. It controls over foaming at wash boiling. 

For maximum efficiency we recommend the antifoam be diluted with water before use.
Our Antifoam also collapses foaming media during fermentation, helping to maximise capacity of your vessels. This is not the only product we have to improve your fermentation process, we also have yeast nutrients.

Yeast Vit is a formulated blend of organic salts, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements along with an approved organic source of nitrogen, designed to ensure correction of nutrient deficiencies in your wash.
These yeast nutrients work well with most yeasts particularly Fermentis yeast which we are proud suppliers of.

We have a very close relationship with the technical team from Fermentis, therefore any technical queries are welcome.
Whether your beverage be whiskey, vodka, gin or rum, we have a portfolio of yeast to cater for your distilling needs…
Safspirit M1 

The most famous and almost inevitable strain for producing Scotch and single malt whiskies.Produces great congeners, suitable for the aging of the whiskies in barrels.

Good alcohol resistance (over 15% v/v).Very good attenuation due to the assimilation of complex sugars, making it the best option for whiskies produced from malt, when enzyme additions are not allowed.Good choice for continuous fermentation.

Despite its popularity in Scotland, it is suitable for producing all kind of whiskies or distilled grain (raw or malted) beverages that will be aged in barrels.
Safspirit HG-1

Used for Very High Gravity (VHG) fermentation.This strain achieves good yields when fermenting at VHG, allowing maximized production capacity, generating incredible savings in energy.

High tolerance to ethanol, able to reach 18% v/v, depending on the process and substrate.Very good resistance to the osmotic pressure and high fermentation temperatures (thermotolerant yeast).

Generally produces neutral alcohol profiles.

Ferments all kind of mashes, worts, or juices produced from any kind of grain, potatoes or other type of starches, sugar cane substrates, agave or tequila juice, and pure sugar solutions.
Safspirit C-70

A robust, multipurpose strain and one of the most popular within distillers.Produces very high quality alcohol from all kinds of substrates, with subtle congeners.

Used extensively in the Caribbean and Central America for producing good quality potable alcohol and rums from sugar cane juice or molasses.

Very good performance in agave juice (mezcales and tequila).

Good option for low and medium gravity grain mash fermentation
Safspirit D-53

A specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae used in a variety of grain fermentations, showing very regular fermentation profiles.

The right choice for pure malt fermentation due to its ability to attain good yields, and to improve the concentration of esters that impart covetable fruit notes in the fermentation of new-make spirits.

Able to give a large variety of flavors such as white fruits (apple, pear, peach) or exotic fruits (banana, mango), this yeast is ideal for distillers wishing to produce tasty malt new-make spirits.
For more information or for any advice on Murphy and Son products and Fermentis Yeasts, please contact