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Worried you might forget to book a vital test? Keen to know the selection of tests we recommend as a minimum requirement for quality management? We now offer a range of annual Quality Assurance Packages which will provide you and your customers with the quality assurance and legal compliance you need to brew and sell with confidence.

Testing is important to evidence your commitment to the highest quality standards and preventing food safety risk. It demonstrates that you care about your product, customer and business; that you take a proactive rather than reactive approach to quality control!

Our new Quality Assurance Packages have been developed following feedback from you, the brewers! They take the stress out of quality management, because we take care of everything for you. It’s simple, we send you pre-labelled bottles when a sample is required, which you fill as relevant and send back to us. Then, just keep an eye out for your detailed report, which will arrive in your inbox in a maximum of 10 working days from receipt of your sample(s). All reports are sent via email unless otherwise requested.

So, let’s look at the specifics…

We offer four distinct levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each feature the core quality assurance and food-safety analyses you require and will be tailored to your recipes and brewery.

They range from the basic Bronze package through to the complete Platinum package, with the flexibility for you to shape each to suit your needs. With each level you get a discount on our standard costs ranging from 10% for bronze through to 20% for platinum. Plus, when you sign up for an annual package you gain access to further discounts should you need any additional analysis!

Not sure which is best suited to you?

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This will tick the boxes for your SALSA audit and demonstrates a basic level of external analysis to back up your own quality checks. Analyses include ABV, pH, Colour and Bitterness, plus SO2, ATNC and some micro contamination.


This is the next step up and shows you’re thinking goes beyond ticking the boxes and you understand the benefits of extending your level of analysis, even though you may not have the time or equipment to do this yourself. This package includes heavy metals in both your brewing liquor and beer which helps to demonstrate legal compliance for food safety.


This is our gold standard and demonstrates you are actively paying attention to quality and food safety. In addition to the silver package, this level incorporates pesticide analysis as well as increased monitoring of chemistry and microbiological based analysis.


Now you’re really serious about quality and food safety. With this package, we not only provide regular reports, but we will also trend the results on graphs that provide a visual picture of what’s working well and what’s not. This allows you to make informed improvements to your processes to increase quality and efficiency and so better manage costs.

The Platinum package ensures you’re doing everything feasible to make sure the products you’re producing are of high quality and food safe. If something were to go wrong, you’ve got the evidence to prove you’ve proactively managed any risks.

Overview of Murphy and Son Quality Assurance Package

Frequencies per year

Type Analysis Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Liquor Ionics – mineral contents 1 1 2 2
Heavy metal contamination (6 elements) 1 2 2
Pesticide residues 1 2
Hops Pesticide residues 1
Malt NDMA 1 2
Pesticides 1 2
Mycotoxins 1
Wort Micro contamination 2 4 6 12
FAN 1 2 4
Yeast Micro contamination 2 4 6 12
Beer Combined – ABV, OG, PG, colour, bitterness, pH 2 4 6 12
SO2 1 2 6 12
ATNC 1 1 2 4
NDMA 1 2 4
Heavy metal contamination (6 elements) 1 2 4
Mycotoxins 1 1
Pesticides 1 2
Micro contamination 2 4 6 12

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