Established in 1887, Murphy & Son Ltd has helped many thousands of breweries and other drinks businesses achieve their targets and refine their product.

Our dedication to service, expertise and customer satisfaction is underpinned by industry leading quality and an extensive product range. Today we are proud to be leading suppliers to the brewing industry, and our heritage is equally notable and comprehensive.

Murphy & Son has continually adapted, expanded and diversified to meet the growing needs of the brewing industry.

Dedicated to development

Our founder Albert John Murphy was a highly competent chemist who developed a range of processing aids that improved efficiencies in the brewing process. He was one of the first to recognise the role of treating one’s water supply when brewing different beer styles consistently. He also led the charge in the development of copper finings for beer, culminating in the formation of the No Deposit Beers range. Until his death in 1940, Mr Murphy remained an innovator, dedicated to the development of brewing science and beer production efficiency. An approach that remains at our company’s core to this day.

Our range now boasts enzymes, antifoam, detergents, manual handling equipment and of course, isinglass finings. Through strategic alliances we have also become proud suppliers of hops, malt, specialist yeasts and laboratory equipment. Plus, during the 1980s, we took the lead role in supporting the growth in new breweries, particularly microbreweries. This led us to evolve our service offering to better suit said emerging businesses, alongside their established counterparts. An investment which, jumping to the present day, has left us in great stead to bolster the emerging Craft scene.

The ultimate one stop shop

Murphy & Son is the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ for brewers in the United Kingdom and worldwide. We are committed to continued innovation and providing our customers with the most comprehensive range of products and services available, helping them brew the best beer possible. We support every sale with expert advice on brewing techniques and the optimal use of our products. Simply give us a call, request a site visit or book a laboratory analysis.

We are the primary destination for professional brewers.

Our Expert Team

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Murphy & Son gained accreditation to BS EN 5750 part 2 in 1993 and we have retained this accreditation as the British Standard changed to BS EN ISO 9002, as well as the present standard of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.