Yeast Vit

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  • Product description

    Yeast Vit is a formulated blend of organic salts, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements along with an approved organic source of nitrogen, designed to ensure correction of nutrient deficiencies in wort.


    -Improves rate of yeast growth.
    -Prevents slow fermentations
    -Useful in high / low nitrogen worts
    -Concentrated in powder product, economical in use


    Brewers yeast needs readily used sources of vitamins and trace elements. Deficiencies of such components can cause the following symptoms:

    -Long lag phase
    -High pH
    -Sticking fermentations
    -Poor finings


    Rates of Use: The product can be mixed into the yeast slurry about 30 minutes before pitching into the wort, or alternatively mixed with a small volume of wort and added to the fermenter. It can also be added to the kettle at the end of the boil.
    Yeast Vit should be added at a rate of between 3.5g and 8.5 g per hectolitre of wort. A Suitable starting rate would be 5g per hectolitre.

    A high rate may be required for a short period, after which the rate of addition can be significantly reduced. With regular use, low rates can be effective in preventing nutrient deficiencies.

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    Yeast Vit (25kg), Yeast Vit (5kg)