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Your specialised brewing laboratory, helping brewers, cider makers and distillers meet their quality and regulatory requirements.

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Our fully equipped microbiology lab is designed to give you assurance on the quality of your products, as an ad-hoc or formalised periodical service. Have confidence in your beer, wine and spirits down to the microscopic detail!

State of the art facilities

Our laboratories are made up of a high-tech chemistry laboratory, sophisticated microbiology laboratory and leading research laboratory. Our fully equipped microbiology lab is designed to offer assurance on the quality of your products.

Consistent beer analysis

The chemistry lab is equipped with the latest technology required for consistent beer analysis, as well as more in-depth technological requirements, such as heavy metal testing or pesticide analysis.

Fast & accurate results

Brought to you by our highly qualified team with proven experience in the field of alcoholic beverage testing. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate results, quickly and professionally to support your business needs.

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Led by one of our master brewers, we are proud to offer a first class microbrewery audit service tailored to your individual needs.

Mastery Brewery

Resources to help you

We have listed useful resources below which you can read in your own time and we hope will help you expand your knowledge in the art and science of brewing.

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Our experienced team of chemists, microbiologists and brewing specialists.

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