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Our laboratories are equipped to provide a wide range of classic analysis, such as ABV, Colour, Bitterness and pH, as well as more in-depth tests for heavy metals, mycotoxins and pesticide residues.

We are here to help ensure your beers are consistently of the highest quality and attain the food safety standards you require and expect. You can download our laboratory services price list below. 

Download our Laboratory Services price list

How do I get my sample to you?

Download our Laboratory Form to send with your samples

Click the button above to download your Laboratory Sample form.

Complete all details and package the bottled samples and form safely for postage.

Once we receive your completed form and sample (s), we will contact you to sort payment and process the analysis for you.

Address the package with samples and form to:

The Laboratory
Murphy & Son
Alpine Street

You will receive a written report within 10 working days of the lab receiving your samples. Exceptions are ATNC and pesticides which can take 2-3 weeks.

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