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We have recently expanded our laboratory to include enhanced research and development facilities. So, if you’ve any interesting or innovative ideas for expanding our product range, enhancing product application or even something totally different, let us know.

What’s our process? First, we access your request by scoring it against a number of parameters including complexity, resource, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Once we’ve certified that the idea in question is feasible, the project moves onto the research phase for some extra testing. If it stands up to more rigorous research and testing, it moves onto the final development stage – the exciting bit! Here, we use our fully equipped laboratories and small scale brewing operations to reach a conclusion on the scope and outcome of the project.

We’re very excited about this new expansion and will no doubt have lots to share with you about this in the future!

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We have listed useful resources below which you can read in your own time. We hope the resources we have listed will help you expand your knowledge in the art of brewery.

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