Lalvigne Mature foliar fertilizer spray (1kg)

Uniformity in ripening, advancing and increasing phenolic maturity.

Lalvigne MATURE (patent pending technology) is a 100% natural wine yeast derivative (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

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    Applied at veraison, Lalvigne MATURE foliar spray positively impacts the production of secondary metabolites in grapes, such as polyphenols.

    The colouring of bunches is more uniform, grapes have thicker skins, combined with higher concentration of extractable anthocyanins and skin tannins, and consistently lower green flavor compounds such as methoxypyrazine. To produce better grapes and make higher quality red wines and more concentrated white wines.

    LalVigne Mature is a natural inactive yeast derivative foliar spray that advances and increases phenolic maturity. The source yeasts used in its production were selected from the Lallemand yeast collection.

    A single vineyard treatment with a LalVigne spray consists of two applications. The first is done at 5% veraison and the second 10–12 days later.

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    Lalvigne Mature foliar fertilizer spray (1kg)

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