Phosphoric Acid 30% (HZ)

Hazardous Item surcharge applies

Phosphoric Acid 30% is used to remove light scale from a variety of vessels, pipework and equipment.

Kosher Product.

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  • Product description

    Phosphoric Acid is a clear solution made from food grade phosphoric acid used as a general descaler and cleaner for use on both stainless steel plant and mixed materials such as stainless steel/copper or stainless steel/brass.

    Method of use

    -Phosphoric Acid 30% should be diluted with water before use to give a solution containing 1-2% acid, dependent upon the degree of scaling.

    -Phosphoric Acid 30% will then be effective in removing inorganic scale deposits wherever they may be a problem, e.g. hot liquor tanks, coppers/
    kettles, whirlpools, hop backs, paraflows, fermenters etc.

    -Phosphoric Acid 30% can safely be used in C.I.P. Systems in Fermenting vessels, Maturation vessels or Bright Beer Tanks without prior removal of CO2.

    For more information please read TDS above under ‘TDS 1’ and our article, water, water everywhere

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    Additional information

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    7.5, 25

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    Phosphoric Acid 30% (7.5kg), Phosphoric Acid 30% (25kg)