Lalvigne Aroma Organic foliar fertilizer spray (3kg)

Enhances the aromatic varietal expression, increasing grape precursors​

Applied at veraison, the foliar spray LalVigne AROMA, 100% natural, wine yeast derivative, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, positively impacts the production of secondary metabolites in grapes, such as varietal aroma precursors and glutathione.​

Grapes will have better varietal expression and will be more balanced, enabling an increased quality of your white, rosé and aromatic young red wines.

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    Suitable for red, rose and white wine.

    LalVigne is a yeast derivative product that is applied in the vineyard as a foliar spray at veraison. The yeasts used in its production were sourced from the Lallemand wine yeast collection. A single vineyard treatment with a LalVigne spray consists of two applications. The first is done at 5% veraison, and the second 10–12 days later.

    LalVigne is easily suspended in water and applied using a spray rig or hand sprayer. In warmer wine regions ideal conditions for spraying are before the heat of the day. In the cooler regions, a window of 24 hours between rains is needed to get maximum effect. Intermittent rain after this point will not affect the efficacy of the product.

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    Lalvigne Aroma Organic foliar fertilizer spray (3kg)