Metabs (5kg)

Metabs (5kg)

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    Metabs are food grade sodium metabisulphite white to off-white tablets, which provide a convenient way of adding measured quantities of sulphur dioxide.


    -Approved for use in food and beverage products
    -Prevents microorganisms from growing and reproducing
    – Prevents biological spoilage
    -Have antioxidant properties
    -Increases the stability and prolongs shelf life to the beer
    -Can be used for the removal of free chlorine in tap water which can cause chlorophenolic off flavours in beer
    -Can be used to maintain freshness in casks when stored empty
    – An easy to use tablet form, no need to measure or weigh


    Sodium Metabisulphite is a permitted derivative form of sulphur dioxide and is a well established proven preservative which is used in the brewing, wine and food industries. It is also known as E223. Added to beer at the pH range of between 3.6 and 4.4 it prohibits the growth of wild yeasts, bacteria and fungi giving effective prevention of biological spoilage. In addition to this its antioxidant properties confer increased physical stability and prolonged shelf life to beer.


    Metabs are added to the cask at racking or to the fermenter when used as a beer preservative. When used to keep surplus casks sterile in quiet periods, METABS are added to the cask after the cleaning cycle has completed. Metabs can be simply mixed into the beer or water as required and needs no further preparation.

    Rates of Use
    To use Metabs as an addition to beer as a preservative, suitable rates lie between 10 and 50 ppm of sulphur dioxide (SO2):
    1 METAB per hectolitre → 11 ppm sulphur dioxide (SO2)

    To use Metabs as a means of preserving microbiological stability in empty beer containers:
    2 METABS per hectolitre

    To use Metabs for the removal of free chlorine in tap water:
    1 METAB will treat up to 14 hectolitres of water

    Please be aware of the maximum levels permitted for SO2 in different beverage styles. Please refer to the Guidelines for use section.

    A source of sulphur dioxide in easy to use tablet form. Metabs provide an easily measured method for addtion of sulphur dioxide. One tablet per hectolitre gives a theoretical addition of 11.5ppm of SO2. Can also be used to remove chlorine from mains water.

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