Pristine PVPP (20kg)

Pristine PVPP can be used on it’s own to reduce haze forming polyphenol levels or in conjunction with protein reducing stabilisers. Suitable for use in both wine and beer.

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  • Product description

    Pristine PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) is a beer stabiliser suitable for single use application. Pristine PVPP can also be used in wine and added for second and third pressings where it is expected that a higher level of polyphenols will be extracted form the skins. 


    -Protects against chill and permanent haze

    -Insoluble in all beer types

    -No negative impact on foam stability

    -No negative impact on flavour

    -Compatible with all filtration techniques

    -Can be used as a tank stabiliser



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    Pristine PRO (20kg), Pristine PVPP (20kg)