Lalvin 71B™ Wine Yeast (500g)

Lalvin 71B™ is a wine yeast for Nouveau-style wines. Recommended for white, rosé and red wines.

Is the acidity the only thing you can taste? Try partnering acidity-reducing 71B yeast with a co-inoculation of bacteria such as VP41.


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    Lalvin 71B™ is a high ester producer, which gives the wines a characteristic fruity (fruit salad) aroma. It is known for the production of the ester isoamyl acetate (3-methyl butyl acetate), an ester described as having a banana and pear aroma. Hence it is useful to use in ‘neutral’ grape varieties to increase the expression of fruity characters. The cell walls of Lalvin 71B™ are also highly adsorptive of polyphenolic compounds, thus limiting the tannic structure of red wines.

    Lalvin 71B™ also undertakes malo-ethanolic fermentation, a biochemical pathway whereby some malic acid is degraded during alcoholic fermentation. Between 20-40% of malic acid in the juice can be metabolized this way. Due to a low nitrogen demand, low H2S production and low production of SO2, this yeast is ideal to use in preservative-free wines.

    Red Wine
    White Wine
    Rosé Wine
    High Brix Juice
    Restart Stuck Ferment

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    Lalvin 71B Yeast (500g)