Dionic at No.1 (25kg)

Dionic at No1 is an acidic liquid, used in conjunction with Dionic HT No2 to adjust alkalinity and to increase desirable ions in liquor.

Kosher Product.

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    Dionic at No.1 reduces the alkalinity levels of brewing liquor stimulating maximum enzyme activity in the wort enabling optimum pH levels throughout the whole brewing process. The underlying principle of two-part Dionic treatments is that one solution contains the calcium required and the other contains the sulphate. Provided they are added to the hot liquor tank separately they remain ionised and in solution.

    Consequently, the brewer is treating his liquor with calcium sulphate (gypsum) in solution, and a lot of the problems of sludge in the hot liquor tank are overcome. The remaining constituents that form the required balance of liquor treatment are divided between the two solutions.

    Another method of working out your alkalinity on a more regular basis is to purchase alkalinity testing kits which we are able to supply.

    For more information please read TDS above under ‘TDS 1’ and our article, water, water everywhere http://www.murphyandson.co.uk/water-water-everywhere/

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    Dionic at No1 (25kg)

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