DWB (Dry Water Burtonisation) (20kg)

Kosher Product. 

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    DWB is a formulated blend of powdered salts suitable for most brewing requirements. Used to adjust the calcium levels, and to add chloride, which imparts palate fullness and add sulphate, which enhances drier bitter flavours.


    -Reduces the pH during mashing and wort boiling which improves enzyme activity
    -Promotes the precipitation of unwanted proteins in the kettle, hop back or whirlpool
    -Improves health and vigour of the yeast
    -Improves extract yield and fermentability
    -Reduces risk of infection
    -Reduces extraction of undesirable silicates, tannins and polyphenols
    -Reduces beerstone and can prevent gushing in beer
    -Reduces colour formation in the copper
    -Improves beer fining performance
    -Promotes head retention on beer
    -Adds chloride which impart palate fullness
    -Adds sulphate which give beer a drier and more bitter effect

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    DWB (Dry Water Burtonisation) (20kg)