Ascorbic Acid

Kosher Product. 

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  • Product description

    Ascorbic acid stabiliser is supplied as a fine white to off –white powder.


    -Ascorbic acid is an economically effective anti-oxidant
    -Reduces the susceptibility of beer to oxidation haze
    -Increases the shelf-life of pasteurised and non pasteurised beers
    -Prevents “papery” (oxidation) off flavours in the final product


    Solutions of ascorbic acid should always be freshly prepared and treated into the bulk of the beer without delay, if possible metering into the flow of beer to tank.

    Anti-oxidant treatment is more efficient when added before the beer has had contact with air, i.e. as soon as practicable after fermentation.

    Addition of the material prior to cold storage is common practice, in which case the anti-oxidant should be added when the tank is almost full to minimise contact with air.

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    Additional information

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    2.5, 25

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    Ascorbic Acid (2.5kg), Ascorbic Acid (25kg)