Caskleer Paste

Caskleer Paste is a very concentrated form of isinglass for clarifying yeast from beer. Once diluted can be added straight to the cask as part of the racking process or into the cask before or after it’s been filled.

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    Isinglass has for many years, been used as a clarification agent for beer. The active ingredient is the protein molecule collagen. Collagen is very sensitive and is denatured at moderate temperatures into gelatine which has little or no fining activity. This has significant implications for the manufacture and storage of isinglass finings.

    1 unit of paste makes 30 units of Ready for Use Isinglass by adding 29 units of water.

    Our Isinglass product range.

    We offer two blends of Isinglass, Caskleer and Finest which are supplied as liquid and paste. In addition, we supply a unique product Kompactikleer which is a blend of Isinglass liquid with silica hydrogel to remove both protein and yeast from suspension whilst giving a compact trub.

    Caskleer paste is formulated to give brilliant clarity in cask-conditioned beer. The carefully selected swim bladders will produce large flocs that drop quickly and will enable beer to be resettled a number of times.

    The Finest products (RFU and Triple) are a combination of the above two formulations and are designed to give clear beer with good sediment in either cask or brewery conditioned beers.

    The Kompactikleer products are advanced formulations designed to provide the best in sediment stability. They are particularly useful where beers are difficult to clarify using standard grades of isinglass finings or where tank base angles cause sediment slippage during emptying.

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    14, 2.5

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    Caskleer Paste Low S02 (14kg), Caskleer Paste (2.5kg)