Finest is a ready for use isinglass solution, that is added directly to either cask-conditioned or brewery conditioned beers.

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  • Product description

    Finest is used for both types of beer; cask-conditioned or brewery conditioned beers, ideal for where facilities for separate products are not available.

    It is a traditional and natural isinglass solution blended specifically for clarifying yeast from beer. Its shelf life is 8 weeks from the date of manufacture

    When used correctly, you can achieve large savings in both cooling energy costs and capital investment by shorter conditioning tank residence time.

    With many cask-conditioned beers, the best clarity is achieved by using an auxiliary fining product such as Alginex, Cellabrite, or Finings Adjunct in combination with isinglass. These products enhance the action of the isinglass.

    We recommend conducting finings optimisation before the use of this product. We offer a free finings optimisation service for all murphy’s customers, please contact for more information.

    Read the Finest Sales Sheet here Click here to read our Cask Fining Guide
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    25, 200, 600, 1000

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    Finest Isinglass Finings (25kg), Finest Isinglass Finings (200kg), Finest Isinglass Finings (600kg), Finest Isinglass Finings (1000kg)