Protafloc Tablets

Protafloc Tablets are a granular carrageenan product which is added to the wort in the kettle to enhance protein removal as the wort cools.

Kosher Product

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  • Product description

    Protafloc tablets are a food grade semi refined kettle finings which are added 10 minutes from the end of the boil. Optimised use at 1-5g/HL provides all the benefits below. Suitable for most brewers- Protafloc tablets are economical and highly effective product.

    Top Tip! ‘cold break‘ checks can be performed in-house to validate effectiveness.

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  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight (kg)

    20, 2

    Stock Unit


    Stock-to-base Ratio


    Available In

    Protafloc Tablets (20kg), Protafloc Tablets (2kg)