Sulphuric Acid 25% (25kg) (HZ)

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Sulphuric Acid 25% is a ready for use food grade acid used to reduce alkalinity and to increase desirable ions in product waters. It is especially used in the brewing industry as a liquor treatment.

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  • Product description

    AMS gives optimum pH levels throughout the whole brewing process and adds desirable sulphate ions in suitable proportions.

    It can be used to stimulate maximum enzyme activity during mashing, improve extract yield, fermentability and wort run off.


    -Reduces extraction of undesirable compounds that cause astringent off-flavours
    -Improves clarity and stability of the finished product

    For more information please read TDS above under ‘TDS 1’ and our article, water, water everywhere

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    Sulphuric Acid 25% (25kg)