Antiformin S Pipe Cleaning Detergent (PCD) (10kg)

Hazardous Item surcharge applies

Antiformin S Pipe Cleaning Detergent (PCD) is a combined caustic chlorine detergent specifically formulated for cleaning beer lines.

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  • Product description

    Antiformin S PCD also contains a sequesterant making it suitable for use in hard water areas. The high quality formulation cleans even badly soiled beer lines and disinfects efficiently, it is also suitable for us on stainless steel, copper and plastics.

    We recommend a contact time of 20 minutes. Please refer to SDS before use.

    For more details, on how to use Antiformin S PCD for Beer Line cleaning- click here to read our guide.

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    Antiformin S Pipe Cleaning Detergent (PCD) (10kg) (2 x litres) (HZ)