Phosphoric Acid 30% (5.5kg) (HZ)

Phosphoric Acid 30% is used to remove light scale from a variety of vessels, pipework and equipment.

Kosher Product.

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  • Product description

    Phosphoric Acid is a clear solution made from food grade phosphoric acid used as a general descaler and cleaner for use on both stainless steel plant and mixed materials such as stainless steel/copper or stainless steel/brass.

    Method of use

    -Phosphoric Acid 30% should be diluted with water before use to give a solution containing 1-2% acid, dependent upon the degree of scaling.

    -Phosphoric Acid 30% will then be effective in removing inorganic scale deposits wherever they may be a problem, e.g. hot liquor tanks, coppers/
    kettles, whirlpools, hop backs, paraflows, fermenters etc.

    -Phosphoric Acid 30% can safely be used in C.I.P. Systems in Fermenting vessels, Maturation vessels or Bright Beer Tanks without prior removal of CO2.

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