Lalvin DV10 Champagne Wine Yeast (500g)

Lalvin DV10 Champagne Wine Yeast (500g)

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    Lalvin DV10 was selected in the Champagne region and is approved by the CIVIC in Epernay. DV10 has strong fermentation kinetics over a wide temperature range and relatively low nitrogen demands. DV10 is famous for its ability to ferment under stressful conditions of low pH, high total S0² and low temperature. Low foaming and low VA production characterise it. DV10 is considered a clean fermenter that respects the varietal character and avoids the harsh sensory contributions of another one- dimensional ‘workhorse’ yeasts, such as Prise de Mousse. It is classified as a Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus.

    Microbial and Oenological Properties

    -Recommended for white, rosé and red production. Highly recommended for secondary fermentation.
    -Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. bayanus.
    -Desirable fermentation temperature: 10-35°C. Secondary fermentation 10-14°C are successful.
    -Short lag phase and high fermentation vigour.
    -Low relative nitrogen demand (under controlled laboratory conditions).
    -Low production of H²S under low YAN conditions.
    -Alcohol tolerance 18% v/v *subject to fermentation conditions.
    -High relative potential for S0² production.
    -Although Lalvin DV10 has a high potential for S0² it is generally considered to be neutral to MLF. Co-inoculation is not generally recommended.
    -Killer factor is active.
    -Low foam producer

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    Lalvin DV10 Champagne Wine Yeast (500g)