Lalvin EC1118™ Yeast for Wines, Champagnes & Ciders (500g)

EC1118™ strain is recommended for all types of wines, including sparkling, and late harvest wines, ice wine, fruit wine and cider. It may also be used to restart stuck fermentations.

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    The fermentation characteristics of the EC1118™ — extremely low production of foam, volatile acid and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) — make this strain an excellent choice. This strain ferments well over a very wide temperature range, from 10° to 30°C (50° to 86°F) and demonstrates high osmotic and alcohol tolerance. Good flocculation with compact lees and a relatively neutral flavour and aroma contribution are also properties of the EC1118™.

    • Selected by the Institut Oenologique de Champagne (IOC) in Epernay, France. Reference strain for sparkling wine.
    • Is the original, steady low foamer, and is popular for barrel fermentations. It is an excellent choice for secondary fermentations of sparkling wine.
    • Ferments well at low temperatures and flocculates with compact lees.
    • Under low nutrient conditions Lalvin EC1118™ can produce high amounts of SO2 (up to 50 ppm) and, as a result, may inhibit malo-lactic fermentation

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    EC-1118 Wine Yeast (500g)

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