Antiformin S

Hazardous Item surcharge applies

Antiformin S is a combined caustic chlorine detergent suitable for a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting duties.


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  • Product description

    Antifomin S is a sequestered blend of sodium hypochlorite and caustic is ideal because of its low cost and its highly effective dual-purpose nature, as a detergent and sterilant, due to its presence of chlorine, however, temperatures of this product should not exceed 50°C.

    The caustic formulation deals with hard dried yeast and hop residues and the chlorinated formulation disinfects efficiently, making it ideal for vessel washing, CIP, cask washing and general cleaning.

    Antiformin S is suitable for use in hard water areas and can be used on stainless steel, copper and plastics.


    -Caustic formulation deals with hard dried yeast and hop residues
    -Chlorinated formulation disinfects efficiently
    -Ideal for vessel washing, CIP, cask washing, general cleaning

    Hazardous charges may be incurred within the delivery costs of this product. Please read SDS under ‘SDS 1’ above before use.

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    Additional information

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    200, 25

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    Antiformin S (25kg) (HZ) (R), Antiformin S (200kg) (HZ) (R)

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