Just Add Sugar (Yeast Nutrient Only)

Just Add Sugar is a bespoke yeast vitamin formulation to provide the building blocks required for healthy yeast –perfect for fermenting high gravity sugar washes, so it the ideal key for hard seltzers and sugar-based spirits.

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  • Product description

    Just Add Sugar Yeast Nutrient is added after sugar boil preferably below 60°C. Rate of application is given below

    Target % ABV Application rate (g/L) Application rate (kg/hl)
    < 3 1.4 0.14
    4-6 1.6 0.16
    7-9 1.9 0.19
    10-13 2.2 0.22
    14-15 2.7 0.27
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Just Add Sugar

    Just Add Sugar (Nutrient Only) 5kg, Just Add Sugar (Nutrient Only) 20kg

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