Stephanie Brindley

Technical Sales Representative The Midlands & Wales

Steph has been concerning herself with keeping yeast happy in fermentations for many years now. She has an MRes in Sustainable Bioenergy (a project which investigated yeast nutrition during bioethanol fermentations) and a PhD in Brewing Science where she studied the effects of environmental stresses on yeast genetics and phenotypes during fermentations.

She worked on various projects whilst in a technical research role in the Bioenergy and Brewing Science department at Nottingham University, including yeast strain development, bottle conditioned beers, brewery yeast management and draught beer hygiene, as well as assisting with lab practicals and workshops for MSc Brewing Science courses.

Following on from her time in academia, Steph cut her teeth in the commercial brewing world at Round Corner Brewing as a production brewer and was part of the team which scooped up two International brewing awards for their lagers.

Steph lives in Melton Mowbray with her partner and their son. She is into matching up food flavours with different beer styles (current favourite is stilton on a ginger biscuit with a black lager) and is an avid fan of stouts, heavy music, the arrival of spring and bright socks.