Superkleer Auxiliary Finings (2.4kg)

Superkleer is a concentrated dry powder auxiliary finings for use with isinglass finings in cask conditioned beers. Superkleer comes with three packs to be mixed together to make a solution.

Kosher Product. 

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  • Product description

    Superkleer is a dry product to be dissolved into water before use to provide extra clarification for cask beers.

    With many cask conditioned beers, the best clarity is achieved by using an isinglass fining product such as Caskleer, Finest, or Kompactikleer in combination with an auxiliary. The auxiliary products enhance the action of the isinglass and can be added into the beer main feeding the racking heads,into the cask as part of the racking process and into the cask before and after the cask is filled.

    We recommend reading TDS 1 before use of this product.

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    Superkleer Auxiliary finings (2.4kg)