Zetolite 65 (Zinc)

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Zetolite 65 is a blend of naturally occurring volcanic material and zinc salts, formulated to prevent the occurrence of sulphidic favours in fermented beverages.

Kosher Product.

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  • Product description

    Zetolite that can be added to wort at the start of fermentation or to beer at the start of maturation to assist in the healthy growth of yeast and in particular to either prevent or reduce the incidence of sulphidic compounds such as hydrogen sulphide or dimethyl sulphide.


    -Prevents H2S and DMS off flavours in the fermented product
    -Improves rate of yeast growth
    -Prevents slow and stuck fermentations
    -Concentrated powder product
    -Is a processing aid (not an additive)
    -No residual Zinc left in the product


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    Zetolite 65 (Zinc) (10kg), Zetolite 65 (Zinc) (500g)