LalBrew NovaLager™ Hybrid Modern Lager yeast (500g)

LalBrew NovalagerTM is designed primarily for the production of lager style beers at warmer temperatures, while avoiding some of the more common problems associated with lager production. More specifically, LalBrew NovalagerTM will allow faster fermentation times, will not create sulphidic off flavours, and will be a low producer of diacetyl.

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    LalBrew NovaLager™ is a true bottom fermenting Saccharomyces pastorianus hybrid from the novel Group III (Renaissance) lineage that has been selected to produce clean lager beers with distinct flavor characteristics and superior fermentation performance. LalBrew NovaLager™ is a robust lager strain with ideal characteristics for lager beer production including fast fermentations, high attenuation and high occulation.

    The distinct flavour profile is very clean, slight esters over a wide temperature range. Through expression of a β-glucosidase enzyme, LalBrew NovaLager™ can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavour and aroma.

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