Nutromix Powder (25kg)

Nutromix Powder is a blend of nutrients and trace elements formulated to correct nutrient deficiencies in wort and prevent slow fermentations.

Kosher Product.

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  • Product description

    Nutromix Powder is a concentrated powder product used to improve rate of yeast growth and particularly useful in high / low nitrogen worts.

    Brewers yeast needs readily used sources of vitamins and trace elements. Deficiencies of such components can cause long lag phase, high pH, sticking fermentations and poor finings.

    Application and Rates of Use

    The product should be added at a rate of between of 3 and 5 g per hectolitre of wort. A suitable starting point would be 4 g per hectolitre. A high rate may be required for a short period, after which the rate of addition can be significantly reduced. With regular use, low rates can be effective in preventing nutrient deficiencies. Addition of quantities in large excess of this may exceed the permitted limits for zinc and manganese.

    The product can be mixed into the yeast slurry about 30 minutes before pitching into the wort, or alternatively mixed with a small volume of wort and added to the fermenter. It can also be added to the kettle at the end of the boil.

    If Nottingham Ale Yeast is used the product should NOT be mixed with the yeast whilst it is being reconstituted.

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    Nutromix Powder (25kg)