The ultimate optimisation of your wines and spirits in record time.

Murphy and Son wine are delighted to now offer a selection of Oak Chips and compacted bricks from the renowned cooperage Seguin Moreau.

These top-of-the-line tool enables winemakers to obtain distinctive, reproducible sensory profiles, while benefitting from a more rapid extraction rate.

Oenochips formulations integrate balanced oak sensations quickly into the wine, efficiently meeting production and marketing constraints.

Recommended contact time varies from one to four months, depending on desired oenological objective, comparing favourably with the two to five months aging time for many oak chips on the market.

The Oenofinisher is a compacted brick of oak chips for the fast treatment of wines and is available in Original, Vanille booster and toast booster. 

Further information on flavour profiles, dosage and contact time for both ranges can be found on the link below.