Lalvin Rhône 4600™ (500g)

Lalvin Rhône 4600™ was selected by the Inter-Rhônes technical department from Viognier must, after a three year study of yeasts well suited for fermenting fruit forward, elegant white and rosé wines.

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  • Product description

    This yeast produces a high level of fatty acid ethyl esters, which tend to promote aromatics described as apricot and tropical fruit. When fermented cool (13.5°C), these esters can be quite high, well above sensory thresholds.

    Lalvin Rhône 4600™ is a high polysaccharide producer and Australian experience indicates a high glycerol producer, hence offers a round, full mouthfeel. The wines tend to be described as ‘having good weight’.

    This roundness tends to diminish bitterness so is a good choice for Rhône white varietals (such as Marsanne, Roussane, Viognier) and Chardonnay. Although Lalvin Rhône 4600™ does not enhance the varietal character of Sauvignon blanc or Semillon, this yeast does bring fattness and balance along with light aromatic ester notes as a good blending component.


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