Lalvin 31™ MBR (2.5G/2.5HL)

Enhances polyphenolic content and fruit character, adapted to low pH and low temperature wines

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    LALVIN 31™ is suitable for cool climate wines as it can enhance varietal characters, fruit flavors and promote color stability. Wines made using LALVIN 31 have good body and length.

    • In white wines, it adds complexity due to its light buttery flavor. With lees contact the buttery notes decrease, elevating fruit flavors and mineral notes
    • In red wines, dark berry fruit flavors, color stability, and mouthfeel are increased
    • Tolerant to high levels of lactic acid (from high starting malic acid levels) that can be inhibitory to other ML strains
    • Selected for its capacity to achieve malolactic fermentation in low pH and low temperature situations
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    Lalvin 31 MBR (2.5G/2.5HL)