GO-FERM® Protect Evolution

Lalvin GoFerm Protect Evolution Yeast nutrient has been specially designed for premium wines. It is composed out of inactive yeasts and yeast autolysates and is recommended to use for rehydrating purebred yeasts.

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    Lalvin GoFerm Protect Evolution yeast nutrient is enriched to sterols and lipids and helps to one safe, pure and aroma-protective fermentation.

    Go-Ferm Protect Evolution® is a natural yeast rehydration nutrient developed specifical­ly for problem musts and stuck fermentations. It is certified organic by OMRI. Difficult fermentation conditions may include overripe fruit (>28°B), marginal fruit quality (poorly developed fruit, Botrytis, rot, high bacteria count, insecticide or fungicide residue), low nutrient levels and overclarified juice.


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    Additional information

    GO-FERM® Protect Evolution

    GO-FERM® Protect Evolution (1kg), GO-FERM® Protect Evolution (2.5kg)