Causdeta 25 (30kg)

Causdeta 25 is a caustic detergent. Causdeta 25 contains Caustic Soda (NaOH), EDTA and a synergic blend of other scale control agents. This makes it suitable for cleaning soils with a high mineral content where products such as Caustak 25 or Caustak 30 may not be as efficient.

Causdeta 25 is formulated to be low foaming, enabling it to be used in recirculation applications. It is designed
primarily for applications in Breweries, Beverage, Dairies and Food Processing plants.

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  • Product description

    In use concentrations of Causdeta 25 are application dependent and should be established during trials. A 1% solution will give approximately 0.32% w/v causticity (0.32% w/v NaOH) and is compatible with at least 130 ppm of water hardness.

    Cleaning temperatures should be optimised during trials. For fatty or heavily carbonised soils, temperatures above 90°C can be used. However, for protein soils, it is often more effective to clean at lower temperatures (up to 70°C). Causdeta 25 is not suitable for direct food contact.

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