Holchem Sodium Hypochlorite (25kg)(Liquid)(HZ) (R)

Hazardous Item surcharge applies

Sodium Hypochlorite is a powerful disinfectant; it is effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, including vegetative and sporing bacteria, moulds and mould spores, yeasts and viruses.

Sodium Hypochlorite also removes staining, flavouring and odours.

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  • Product description

    Suitable for use in surface and drain disinfection.

    Sodium Hypochlorite is not normally used for direct food contact, but can be used for vegetable and produce washing applications.

    In use concentrations of Sodium Hypochlorite are application dependent and should be established during trials. A 1% v/v solution of Sodium Hypochlorite delivers approximately 1800 ppm available Chlorine. Cleaning temperatures should be optimised during trials. However, it is not advisable to use chlorinated products above 50°C.

    Please read Technical Data before use.



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    Holchem Sodium Hypochlorite (25kg)(Liquid)(HZ) (R)