NCYC Fresh Yeast

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Murphy & Son Ltd are proud suppliers of the National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC).

NCYC is the UK’s premier collection of yeast cultures, holding over 600 strains collected over 65 years.

From supply of yeast in bulk to safe and secure storage of your own strains, the NCYC offers a wide range of services to brewers.

Their confidential yeast bank will help you to protect and preserve your production yeast strain against any potential mishaps.
Once your strain is stored in liquid nitrogen, you are guaranteed supply of a pure and genetically stable sample whenever you need it.

Storage through the NCYC is the most reliable way to secure your product and its future against the production of yeast variants or mutation.

You can recall both slopes of your in-house yeast or have a fresh wet yeast propagation prepared by us in two-three weeks (on receipt of your order) ready for when you need it.

The yeast will be in the same generation as when it was put down, preserving the flavour characteristics and fermentation profile of your yeast and preventing any changes which may occur over time.

If you are looking for a new yeast strain The NCYC have over 600 strains in their collection, by going to

Here you can use the search filters to narrow down yeasts in the collection which behave and give the characteristics you want.

Similarly, if you want a ‘regional’ beer flavour, we can recommend some specific yeast strains isolated from and used for brewing in your area.