Brewers Clarex is an enzyme that prevents chill haze in beer.

This product is so effective that it reduces or even eliminates the costly stabilisation procedure from the brewing process. This enzymatic solution increases production capacity and reduces operational and energy costs as well as reducing your CO2 footprint.

Chill haze in beer results from precipitation of complexed polyphenol and proteins during cold storage. This precipitation has been shown to result from hydrogen bonding between polyphenols and the proline rich fraction of particular polypeptides. This haze develops over time and, initially, is reversible (haze disappears when temperature of beer increases). The chill haze can become permanent as the hydrogen bonding gets stronger.

Brewers clarex prevents precipitation by hydrolysing the sensitive (haze active) polypeptides.

It cleaves specifically the sites where such hydrogen bonding occurs. The specificity of the enzyme ensures that no other beer parameters are affected.


Brewer’s clarex can be used with all kinds of malts and other raw materials.

The product is added to cooled wort at the beginning of fermentation.

The required dose rate is determined by:

  • The percentage of barley malt, raw barley and /or wheat of the total grist composition
  • The specific gravity (plato) of the wort at the beginning of fermentation.

For additional information, we recommend reading the following:
Brewers Clarex – Application Sheet

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