Sustainability Report 21/22

We’re delighted to publish our first Sustainability Report that can be downloaded and viewed HERE.

The report details the start of our sustainability journey, with information on our environmental performance throughout the last financial year (2021-2022) and what we’re doing to make a positive difference now and in the future. It also includes some information on how we are performing with social commitments, with a view to expanding this in our next report.

Marking the beginning of our sustainability journey, the report is a transparent reflection of where we are, both good and bad, whilst setting a benchmark to compare future progress against.

If anyone wasn’t aware of the importance of sustainability before last year, the extreme weather we witnessed has given us all a serious wake-up call and made action more urgent than ever. In July, our Nottingham site endured a record temperature of 39.8°C, a staggering 5°C higher than the previous record. It doesn’t need saying that if these temperatures become more common then our business and community will suffer as a result.

As you’ll see in the report there is still further information that we want to record and publish, so these figures in no way cover our entire operation. We’d like to grasp a better knowledge on our Scope 3 emissions going forwards, including information on the emissions released through our supply chain and by customers. Our sustainability performance in relation to water use and waste is also an area not recorded in this report but this is now monitored and shall be included in future versions.

Greening up the Brewing Industry:

The release of our first sustainability report coincides with our recent attendance at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling’s (IBD) sustainability Conference. This was the second event ran by the IBD to encourage collaboration in the brewing industry regarding sustainability.

The event provided some great ideas from a range of breweries on how they are combatting sustainability challenges. There were talks from Heineken, Molson Coors, ABinbev and several other guests, highlighting the brewing industries will to create change.

Iain Kenny represented Murphy’s with a talk on our journey so far, discussing some of the projects that we have undertaken and discussing our aims for the future. It’s important that we share our progress within the industry as we need to work together to solve sustainability challenges. We hope with this report and future publications we can help support other businesses in the industry to become more sustainable.

If you have any questions regarding the report or suggestions for new ideas we can work on please get in touch with myself at