Happy Earth day everyone! This Earth Day we wanted to point our focus to our onsite sustainability champion, Jordan and his continued efforts to improve our carbon footprint, emissions and involvement in the local community.

Jordan is our Sustainability Coordinator at Murphy’s. Over his first 6 months in the role he’s been busy coordinating efforts to improve our environmental and social performance, adding to work we’ve already completed such as our IBC and drum return scheme and our on-site recycling centre.

In this time, we’ve expanded the number of electric vehicle charging points on site, implemented our employee Volunteer Days scheme and also released our first annual sustainability report.

To add to this, we have also established an energy management plan to improve efficiency on-site, as well as increasing data recording to track our carbon emissions.

And this is just the start!

Plans for the Future

Our plans for the upcoming year are to set specific environmental and social targets from which we can work towards. Starting on our B-Corp journey will be a good indicator for how we can make progress, with a longer term goal of achieving B-Corp status.

Within the industry we have attended a number of talks and events regarding sustainability, and this is an area we will continue to be involved in going forwards. Sharing our knowledge and learning from others in the industry and elsewhere will allow us to keep improving as we work towards our targets. As a part of this we are aiming to make it easier for brewers to improve their own sustainability by utilising a range of our products, ranging from reducing waste to improving energy efficiency.

Finally we’ll also be continuing our partnership with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, supporting their work to protect and restore wildlife in the county.

Want to find out more about how to improve the efficiency of your brewery? Get in contact at mailto:techsupport@murphyandson.co.uk