Before the Christmas break, there are still a few vital jobs left to do in the winery.

If ferments have finished, then stabilising with SO2 is recommended. My preference is the powder form as I can be more exact with Potassium Metabisulphite figures, however, the liquid solution is great as it is pre-mixed and easier to use.

I combine the traditional SO2 addition with PURE-LEES LONGEVITY inactivated yeast. This works with the Potassium Metabisulphite to keep the wine fresher in tank, improving aroma retention and preventing oxidation. For more information on PURE-LEES LONGEVITY, click for TDS here.

Once the wines have been racked off their ferment lees and stabilised with SO2 then cleaning the empty tanks should ensue, often at this time of year there will be considerable tartrate build up in the tanks.

I am using Enzybrew 10, this is a great alternative to caustic soda as harmless to the user (although always wear PPE for best practice)

If you prefer caustic soda then we also have this covered!

Thank you and see you in 2023! Kieron