Join us for an exciting hands-on brewing experience at Wiper and True Brewery & Taproom in the heart of Old Market, Saint Jude’s, Bristol, UK. for a deeper understanding of the art and science of brewing, and inspire a new level of innovation and excellence in crafting exceptional beers.

The session will cover the intricate realm of water chemistry to provide you with invaluable insights into enhancing the foundational element of your brews. Review the diverse nuances in malt crop variations, ensuring consistency and quality in every batch and provide guidance on optimisation of finings, enzymes, yeast and nutrition, which will not only elevates the flavor profile but also fine-tunes the brewing process.

As part of the training we will explore troubleshooting techniques to equip you with the tools to address challenges with confidence and provide an overview of our lab services which underscored the importance of precision and quality control. We will also cover how we can support you with delivering against the industry’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Lunch and refreshments will be included through the session.

Location: Wiper and True Brewery & Taproom, Old Market, Saint Jude’s, Bristol, BS5 0SP