There are few changes that we need to introduce and there are few details that we would like to remind you of. Please be aware that we can be flexible- just contact us if you have a requirement that we haven’t covered at

We have a set stock in EU- please click here to view.

We are closely monitoring our sales to make sure that stock levels are accurate. What really helps us with this accuracy is forecasting. Please contact us to talk about any new requirements so we can plan accordingly.

Every week or two we ship bulk from UK to EU, clear it and put it in our warehouse. We replenish the stock as well as ship any additional items that you have ordered which are not normally kept there.

That is why the shipment would take around 5 days to arrive.

For any orders required sooner, would need to be arranged in advance.

For goods which are NOT kept in the Netherlands on regular basis- we need about 2-3 weeks between your order and delivery.

It is extremely important that the order is final when we receive it. Any late additions to an already packed order will be treated as separate shipments.

Any late additions for items not kept in stock will delay proceedings substantially.

It is also important to note, that we can’t keep hazardous items in stock. Hazardous products will be among the ones shipped ‘to order’.

Please bear this in mind and plan accordingly.

The cut off point for ordering for the UK-EU shipment is Monday. On Monday, we collate all information and start preparing your shipment.

This means any orders placed on Tuesday or Wednesday will miss that shipping cycle- and you will have to wait additional week.

We can offer different options of shipping- we can use own transport (standard) but we also can send smaller orders via DHL.

A pick-up option is also available

In order to pick up goods from the warehouse, you need to arrange the date of the pick up (so that the order is ready), sign a statement confirming that the goods are leaving the country (for Dutch tax authorities) and we will have to from August the 1st start charging for the arrangements 10 EUR (this is regardless of the shipment size).

Our Netherland Warehouse- Olderburger Fritom Logistic Solutions

We can now ship to Ireland as well!

When you receive the goods, we invoice them under our Dutch VAT number. When you receive the goods- they are in free circulation.

This is a 3PL warehouse. This means that once the goods arrive there, we have much less flexibility than we have in the UK.

Any additional requests (like putting jerry cans into extra boxes)- we would have to charge a handling fee at hourly rate of 50EUR.

We can’t keep Catomance products in the Netherlands- however, we can deliver them DDP. We ship them in a very similar way to a different hub in the Netherlands, where after clearance they are immediately re-directed to the end customer.  

Last but not least, one of the worst aspects of Brexit is shipping animal origin products.

Isinglass is also very complicated, but we were lucky enough so far to go around the problem.

Please talk to us if any isinglass products are required and we will see what we can do. Last but not least- we are not shipping hops between UK and EU.

But a lot of our distribution partners are handling hops from different suppliers- we can always point you in the right direction.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback of your recent experience- feel free to contact our Export team; we are here to support you.