Our Zetolite range is the answer.

Zetolites are concentrated powder products from natural occurring volcanic minerals that can be used as processing aids (not additives) which don’t need to be declared on your product labels.

Zetolite 63…

contains copper salts and is formulated to reduce sulphidic off flavours.

Zetolite 65…

contains zinc salts and is formulated to prevent sulphidic off flavours.
The product should be slurried with a small amount of water or product and added to the fermenter or conditioning tank or tank. Dosage rates for both products are between 0.25 – 1 gram per hectolitre of wort / beer.Here’s a Testimony, brewer wishes to remain anonymous.

‘I have found Zetolite to be a fast and effective way of removing H2S from beer. It is a useful stock item to have as a back up when the usual process controls adopted to regulate H2S levels have not been successful.’