Seguin Moreau Oenochips- Exception (9kg)

Oenochips Exception impart elevated sweetness in the mouth and wellbalanced aromatic impact. It provides intense fruity notes without oakiness achieve and acheives balanced wines with rounded volume, richness and lengthy finish.

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  • Product description

    Very precise analytical criteria apply to the selection of the oak used for the EXCEPTION range. They go beyond the traditional selections based on geographical origin or grain fineness. Only a small portion of the oak found in the forests of France is chosen for the EXCEPTION range.

    The only way to achieve the perfect concentration of the desired components is to select each tree individually.

    Recommended contact time varies from one to three months, depending on desired oenological objectives.

    For more details on implementation, storage, and more details on the Oenochips range, please select ‘TDS 1’above.

    We stock a chosen selection of Seguin Moreau products and can source other products outside of the chosen range with a longer lead time.

    Please note this product is available as chips only. If you require staves, please let our sales team know by contacting


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