Rubberised Polypropylene Shives

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    You want your beer to arrive at your customer in the same first-class condition as it was when it left the brewery. What you don’t want is beer all over the floor… all for the sake of a cheap bung or keg cap.

    Rankin cask shives are rigorously tested to strict performance criteria designed to reduce the risk of blow outs and leak. This is no mean feat when you consider the variation in cask and keg types. A continuous development program enables the supply of the most innovative, high quality closures and at the best value too.

    Plastic shives

    Our range of plastic shives is the widest available, including ribbed or banded cask shives. The banded shive, the most commonly used in the industry, comes in 4 sizes, each designed to fit a specific cask type. It appeals to the craft brewer who applies by hand using a hammer and it is suitable for high volume users where application and removal has been automated.

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    Rubberised Polypropylene A band Natural Shive (250), Rubberised Polypropylene B band Natural Shive (250), Rubberised Polypropylene C band Red Shive (250), Rubberised Polypropylene D band Blue Shive (250)