Chemical Spill kit (30L)

This 30L chemical spill kit provides a quick response to chemical spillages and contains polypropylene absorbents which can absorb up to 25 times their own weight in liquid.

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  • Product description

    The kit is supplied in a clip-top carrier for easy handling and is quick and easy to deploy, removing the slip hazard on a floor effectively and with no dust or mess to clean up afterwards.

    Chemical absorbents can be used on a wide range of products including most acids, alkalis, oil and water-based liquids.

    Absorbs up to 30L
    BS 7959-2:2000

    For use with a range of chemicals
    Clip-top carrier contains:
    – 20 chemical pads
    – Four chemical socks
    – Two waste bags and ties
    – Instruction leaflet

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    30L Chemical Spill Kit