ProSid MI700 Propionic Acid Blend Grain Killer (25kg)

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Grain Killer is a unique formulation that inhibits the growth of moulds and yeasts and minimizes the risk of mycotoxin-formation during grain storage.

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  • Product description

    Maximum grain protection with Grain Killer

    It is highly effective against moulds and yeasts but evaporates much slower than other mould inhibitors currently on the market, due to propionic acid glycerol esters. With less evaporation, Grain Killer has a longer-lasting effect.

    Grain Killer offers:

    • Maximum protection from all forms of moulds and yeasts
    • Preservation of nutritional value and taste
    • Reduction of mycotoxin-formation from moulds and yeasts
    • Longer lasting effectiveness thanks to the innovative esterifying technology
    • Safe & unique, patented non-ADR formula
    • No specific adaptation of dosage equipment needed
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