Prevents against oxidation of flavanoids, which contributes to harsh, astringent and stale flavours in a beer.

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  • Product description


    -Single-use PVPP stabiliser

    -Effective and highly selective removal of haze producing polyphenols

    -Protects against chill haze and permanent haze development

    -No negative impact on foam, flavour or other quality parameters

    -Compatible with all filter technologies, including cross-flow

    -Completely insoluble in all types of beer

    -No labelling required — completely removed by filtration

    For more information on Polyclar 10, TDS, and SDS- please use TDS 1 and SDS 1.

    For Polyclar plus 730, TDS, and SDS- please use TDS 2 and SDS 2.

    For Polyclar Brewbrite, TDS, and SDS- please use TDS 3 and SDS 3.

    For Polyclar VT, please check under the ‘P’ section of our datasheets page by clicking here

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight (kg)

    19.96, 24.95, 22.68

    Stock Unit


    Stock-to-base Ratio


    Available In

    Polyclar 10 (19.96kg), Polyclar Plus 730 (10kg), Polyclar Brewbrite (24.95 kg), Polyclar VT (22.68kg)